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i did. i posted a bbc link. and i quoted the relevant section from that link. if you don't like the facts from that link, then complain to the BBC.

technology does move forward you know.

or taking advantage of modern technology.

i have no experience of using food banks, yet i have shopped in charity shops many times. i have never felt shame, embarrassment or felt i was stigmatised.

i have given food in the past to the church for harvest festival. and we give clothes and books on regular occasions to the local charity shops.

i have never helped out at a food bank, as there are none around our area. therefore i have never spoken to someone who uses a foodbank, but i will bet you any amount of money you like that not everyone who does use them feels shame or embarrassment or feels stigmatised. to do so would be a huge generalisation.
You quoted a piece on rent arrears and not on starving people
spending their money on, and I quote " booze and fags" . Then you claim people are not stigmatised when , by your opinions, you are stigmatising people as feckless individuals spending their money on fags and booze, an assertion that you seem to be unable to back up with figures. And because of that , unsubstantiated view, you wish to control people on what they can buy and where they can buy it. As I said it smacks of control freakery, to be polite
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