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She's off again. Apparently, any woman with a modicum of self-respect wants to be thin and must accept they have to spend their life dieting. She also says her rather chubby husband would leave her if she ever got fat.

Then when only 4% of viewers agreed with her, she stated 'Every woman who voted against me during the debate needs to take a long hard look at the digits on their scales'.

Yet another DM writer who thinks there is nothing inbetween ;thin' and 'fat'. Well Ms Brick, I disagree with you and I'm a perfectly healthy weight thank you. I'll never be 'thin' because I'm not built that way but I'm not overweight, don't spend my life with a face like I'm sucking a lemon and I'm happier in my own skin than you'll ever be.

Oh, and I doubt my OH would leave me if I put on weight as I get older because he's not a shallow, arrogant prick
All I can say to Miz Brick is a mixture of and

I doubt highly she truly believes any of the crap she spews, she just knows what will get people reading her vile ramblings. She wants attention, the Mail want as many readers as they can, and they both know the way to do this is sensationalism and faux outrage. Creating a well informed article is way down on the list of priorities.
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