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I think I will start a column ... Hold on now,
I'm so good looking ... It's a curse but somehow I got a man who is old fashioned and that's how it should be because thats what women want, to be rescued, but I'm still a career woman I HAVE IT ALL AND IM BLOOMIN GORGEOUS why don't you? Oh and I'm thin. And the inventor of IVF should be ashamed of himself coz it didn't work for me! The cheek of him... To die and not apologise for giving me false hope. hiss.

Right that's my first article written...
You need to pad it out with pics of you looking defiantly beautiful beyond words (ideally in some purple frightfrock), and pics of your unbelievably handsome old-fashioned man who respects you but expects his dinner on the table sharpish and his crusty old pants hand-laundered and ironed by your dutiful but independent hands.
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