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Personally I think through "buying love" Junior & it seems now Princess are showing signs of becoming very spoiled children.
The amount of toys, games they have is beyond ridiculous & I suspect both PA & KP compete with each other to see who can buy them the latest gadget etc. IIRC I'm sure a couple of years ago PA bought Junior a kids sized Ferrari because "he deserved it" Both kids are taken on countless extravagant holidays by PA because apparently they deserve it.
I'm not condemning him for treating his kids but IMO he's doing them absolutely no favours in buying them items to prove yet again how wonderful Dad is.
Of course this is an assumption, and goodness knows what they are being taught behind closed doors but I think they could easily fall into the stereotypes of rich peoples children, spoilt and overindulged. One of the most important things I ever learnt was my parents saying no, sure it meant I never got a kids Ferrari or whatever I wanted, but I learnt that if I wanted something I either have to save or work very hard for it. At the time I thought my parents were big meanies but now I realise they just wanted me to learn that things don't come from no where.

I wonder if there is a lot of guilt in the parents, a family member got divorced recently, there was a lot of guilt and she feels she is depriving her daughter of her dad and a normal childhood. To compensate she spoils her daughter terrible and she is become a right little madam. I dread to think what she will be like as a teen.
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