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Of course this is an assumption, and goodness knows what they are being taught behind closed doors but I think they could easily fall into the stereotypes of rich peoples children, spoilt and overindulged. One of the most important things I ever learnt was my parents saying no, sure it meant I never got a kids Ferrari or whatever I wanted, but I learnt that if I wanted something I either have to save or work very hard for it. At the time I thought my parents were big meanies but now I realise they just wanted me to learn that things don't come from no where.

I wonder if there is a lot of guilt in the parents, a family member got divorced recently, there was a lot of guilt and she feels she is depriving her daughter of her dad and a normal childhood. To compensate she spoils her daughter terrible and she is become a right little madam. I dread to think what she will be like as a teen.
I agree I think a lot of divorced parents do over indulge their children to help ease any guilt they may feel but my gut feeling tells me the amount of gifts & holidays thrown at J & P has nothing to do with guilt, purely a pathetic attempt at both parents trying to out do each other.
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