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You need to pad it out with pics of you looking defiantly beautiful beyond words (ideally in some purple frightfrock), and pics of your unbelievably handsome old-fashioned man who respects you but expects his dinner on the table sharpish and his crusty old pants hand-laundered and ironed by your dutiful but independent hands.
Oh lexi22 - I'm absolutely loving the phrase 'frightfrock' - how apt! Do you think its made of a very thin, flammable nylon or could it be crimplene!

La Brick is simply hilarious - totally deluded, with zero self awareness - as my dear old ma would say "she has ideas above her station".

Ask for the hubby - well where to start? The generous girth, the camouflage gear as day-wear or indeed the Village People 'tache (circa 1978).

Some folk will do anything for attention - even if it makes them a complete laughing stock and an object of ridicule. Can't wait for the next enthralling instalment!
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