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Nice one CC,however she is not capable of stopping the whines as we well know.

As many have said, the problem is not that she is seeing her mum suffer and wanting her out of her pain,it's the bliidy inconvenience of it all.We don't see any empathy for the animals and their pain,they have to struggle on with pretendy holistic vets and quack therapies 'coz LJ can't bear to lose them.

Welcome DonnaV,I find this a respectful thread,even to the occasional LJ fan that visits. ( I thought it was a fan thread and avoided for ages! )

Today she boasts about having fat sucked from her thighs to put in her hands The woman gets madder by the hour.
My husband has had a stroke and we massage his left hand and arm everyday as it get swollen like LJs in the after photo.due to painful fluid retention.
So she thinks swollen hands look youthful.
I think maybe the dementia may have been inherited in this case.
Mmm. Fat from a 'borderline anorexic'? How conveniently she forgets.
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