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Jan Moir ouch!!

"don’t wish to be rude, but there were ’orses on that course wearing more clothes. Katherine has always denied having a boob job — or even two — but if she had, just say for a minute that she did, she’d have certainly got her money’s worth.
Whether it is a day at the races, a marathon, a funeral or a concert, her public image is becoming more and more . . . extreme. Her heels are always too high, her tops too low, her hats too big, her hair too blonde and her teeth too white. She is always too much.

A very modern celebrity: Jenkins is a wily user of social media, to help boost her fame and popularity, and someone who clings onto her fame with a terrier-like tenacity
At all times she behaves not only as if she was playing herself in a film version of her life, but also as if the Cecils Beaton and de Mille were dressing and choreographing her.
Once upon a time, not so very long ago, there were hopes that Jenkins would be the kind of mega star who would be headlining her own concert tours — a dream particularly cherished by Katherine.
Yet over the past few years her record sales have slumped in the UK. A change of direction from the light operatic mould — which won her so many early fans — to a more pop-based repertoire has not met with critical or popular acclaim. To say the least.
Back in 2004, her career started well with Universal Records, a company brilliant at packaging and promoting light operatic talents — as their success with Andrea Bocelli, Gareth Malone and the Military Wives, Alfie Boe and the popular violinist and conductor Andre Rieu will testify. Originally, Jenkins was marketed as a kind of female Bocelli — a singer who was technically not fantastic, but who would touch hearts. Not a mythical diva, but simply Our Kath"

Love it Jan stick the boot in big time , our Kath deserves it big time, she would get dolled up and tweet because shes going to the opening of an envelope.
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