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Oh lexi22 - I'm absolutely loving the phrase 'frightfrock' - how apt! Do you think its made of a very thin, flammable nylon or could it be crimplene!

La Brick is simply hilarious - totally deluded, with zero self awareness - as my dear old ma would say "she has ideas above her station".

Ask for the hubby - well where to start? The generous girth, the camouflage gear as day-wear or indeed the Village People 'tache (circa 1978).

Some folk will do anything for attention - even if it makes them a complete laughing stock and an object of ridicule. Can't wait for the next enthralling instalment!
She is rather brilliant, can never make my mind up whether I want this all to be true and she actually believes the guff she writes and lives this life, or she's have a brilliant joke on us all and types this stuff up whilst stuffing her face with chocolate orange, glugging down wine and yelling as Pascal to hurry up and finish the ironing and make a start on dinner.
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