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Yep, it certainly seems that way doesn't it. All those tv programmes that Hyland has to critique, and he keeps on choosing Andre's, and never to his advantage....hmm... makes one think.
I don't think Ian Hyland does hate Pete though, his criticism is more levelled at the type of show, especially Pete's new series and its contents. He makes fun of him, but so far that is all.

What he wrote a couple of weeks ago:

".............I like Peter Andre, I really do.

And it goes without saying that his introduction film and the subsequent ribbing it took from Ant and Dec will always be in the top 10 Iím A Celebrity moments of all time.

Yeah, heís all right is Peter Andre. Heís a needy buffoon at times, for sure, but you can tell his heart is in the right place.

ITV2 and Peter Andreís management team, though? The closest thing the television industry has to an axis of evil.".....
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