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I find it strange that Ms Jenkins hardly attracted much slagging from her townfolk of Neath for attending Mrs Thatcher's funeral.

After all, Mrs Thatcher was responsible for closing down all the coal mines in other Welsh towns including Neath during the 80s. She got a lot of flak over this and still does to this day. But not Katherine Jenkins? I wonder why? Could it be the townpeople of Neath too proud to criticise their one own & only Ms Jenkins?
have you been to neath since the funeral or are you basing your opinion on what is written in this thread? assuming its the later, i don't see how you could possibly deduce that from my previous post or my other one contribution to this thread and the comment directly below my last post is hardly another glowing example of national pride.

in my last post i was quite candid about her faults and i even suggested that perhaps some criticisms were justified. so on what basis can you make this claim or observation?
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