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She could be just plain thick and has fallen for his victim routine and just wants to help him in his little war against KP, (I know many highly qualified people who have no common sense) or she could be just after the same as him, fame/fortune, just because shes followed her dad into the med-profession dosent mean that thats what she wants, what ever it is, after her very active participation in this latest series shows that shes quite up for being bought, sold, used, these are not the sort of qualities people want to see in any future doctor
Good posts. I fall into one of those overly educated people with no common sense. Can I write an entire novel on the nature of love? Absolutely. Do I know how to work the dishwasher or what to buy for the weekly shop? Not a bloody chance.

Lets not forget she is a young girl, maybe she has little in the way of emotional development or street smarts? I think it would be easy for someone to be seduced by the money and seemingly bright lights of z list fame. The medical profession is one of long hours stress, exhaustion, and quite often a solid dose of gore. I can imagine why the trappings of fame can be appealing with that as a juxtaposition.
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