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I do not get the hate. There are far worst celebs out there. Yes she's a bit out of touch with reality, the Goop thing is irritating, but this film stars all are. At least she's not afraid to show the public that being perfect takes bloody hard work, it's not like some celebs that wants us to believe they get out of bed looking marvellous.

And how absolutely drop dead gorgeous she looked in Graham Norton? Best looking celeb I've seen in ages. Her outfit was flawless.
Yeah, she's a bit of a twit, and I certainly don't hate her, but one thing about her really grates on me anyway - her voice. That nasal whine - arrrrggggggh!

Goop's only intended to be read by women like her who can afford the stuff she promotes. There'll always be rich bods about, it's not worth getting mad over.
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