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Karren Brady has proven herself a million times over as being an incredible business woman. A piece of paper means nothing. I'm in the position of coming out of a masters degree right now and employers aren't even looking for the piece of paper that qualifies me to do the job, its all practical experience which having been in uni for 4 years no-one has. I wish I'd taken her route at 18.

She blagged her way in and has proved herself a 1000 times over. Everyone of her generation used to blag their way into a job, that was how it was then. Obviously, you can't get away with it now as you have to provide evidence but she isn't the first and won't be the last. It's what you do when you're in the role that counts

I feel more sorry for kids these days who have to get a degree and end up 30k on debt just to get a role you used to walk into straight from school in my day.
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