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yes and i accepted in the rest of the post you quoted that perhaps some criticism of her is deserved. her sweeping generalisations in that quote you posted was indeed ill advised and could be considered catty. however, she was generalising though and she was addressing perhaps deserved on going criticism of her musical talents. there`s obviously a difference between making sweeping generalisations and making below the belt pot shots at individuals for little reason.

i am assuming from this response, that you somehow feel that the latest wave of criticism is justified, because of her previous form for defending herself with questionable opinions about the opera world? your welcome to that opinion, but i personally find mocking a woman that run 26 miles for charity more than a little distasteful.
I think the criticism is a little harsh. I'm a little perplexed at how she could look so fresh after running a marathon though,most people look a bit knackered.

Implying she's too beautiful for opera is a bit ignorant though, and kinda shows she knows nothing about it.
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