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Just spotted this:

Brady's first job was working at Saatchi & Saatchi the advertising agency as a graduate trainee, even though she did not have a degree. In a Sunday Times Business Section profile she admitted that she had lied in her job application by stating that she did have a degree. Although she had started a degree course after A levels, she left without completing the degree.

So THAT'S how you get on. Shall we all try it?
We probably already do.

Seriously though I like the idea that this demonstrates that a qualification on a piece of paper is not the be all and end all. And that paper qualifications don't necessarily equal ability and skill at performing certain roles.
All too often it's taken for granted by default that a paper qualification is a direct indicator of ability to perform a role, and talented people will be rejected from applying for some role yet they may have an abundance of talent in that position.

She could have been rejected and they'd taken on a graduate instead, but the end results could have been far lacking compared to what Karren Brady achieved.
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