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I see no problem with his tv image. He's funny, opinionated, loves to provoke and happily takes the pee out of himself just as much as he does other people/things. I'll take his brand of bullish 'like it or lump it' any day of the week over the endless parade of anodyne presenters/celebs whose energies go into dumbed-down people-pleasing. There have been a couple of times when he's maybe gone too far but generally, he's a breath of fresh air in a PC-riddled world. Also, it's the image he portrays on tv that's won him a huge international audience so that in itself proves his loveability.
Agree Lexi. Most of his comments are made with a smile on his face and his tongue firmly planted in is cheek and he loves the reaction he gets. I find him hilarious and, like you, I'd watch him and laugh at his non PC humour all day long over the endless sea of bland we get fed on tv these days
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