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So do I. It'd save me loads of time on here defending her!

I don't disagree with your points, I guess it's just none of that stuff bothers me. She is what she is *shrug* and she always comes across really well in any interviews I've seen. You and others see 'brand', I don't, just two people with two separate careers.

The bit you forgot to mention in all this though - and the thing that bugs me most - is the way she gets torn to bits while he gets off pretty much scot-free. No excuse whatsoever for that.

Yes, I didn't cover that. I have never blamed her for him putting it about - except in a jokey way because she looks so damn miserable all the time - and he does get away with it like he's some kind of saint - even the Loos debacle didn't really touch him. God knows why, he does absolutely nothing for me and he's not even that good a footballer even in his prime So, you can cross a ball?

Funnily enough, I've just been watching a bit of this on You Tube and I just wish she was more like that now although, again, after the Loos thing, she probably doesn't want to be so open and invite the cameras in. I've seen an interview where she described creating her fashion persona character (think maybe a Sasha Fierce type thing) as her armour and I find that really sad that she's that insecure. She just always seems so desperate now

Jesus woman, what have you done to me? I'm almost defending VB damn you!!!
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