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I really don't get why it is when your a celeb and you stop being what everyone thought you were your "mentally ill".

The medical definition for mental illness is: when you are or could be a harm to yourself and others.

I was watching a documentary on E! where she said she does miss hanging out with kids her own age who weren't actors. This was when she was 13.

She's unhinged but I read her tweets she knows this and as a result I don't think she's anywhere near lilo. Someone asked "where are your parents" she said she hasn't talked to them because she's unable to forgive them. For what I wish I knew.

She knows about her body image problem and has addresses her bulimia and anorexia. As for the YouTube vid my mates used to duck face for attention and Facebook hits all the time. . Weird I know

I honestly think she is addressing her issues in her way. It may not be orthodox but its not harming anyone. Plus if i felt wronged by my childhood I would want to get rid of all reminders my look especially, so I don't blame her for the image overhaul.
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