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Sign up to Cineworlds Unlimited membership with this code and you will get one free month.

All memberships are for a 12 month period, paid monthly at 15.90. I believe the free month is added after three months of paid subscription. But Unlimited is well worth the money as you can watch "unlimited" movies and get a 10% discount on food all for only 15.90 a month!! And after 12 months you'll automatically be upgraded to a black card that entitles you to 25% off food & free 3D uplifts (for the first 12 months you have to pay a 1.50 uplift charge on all 3D showings)

There's also many other benefits & discounts that pop up including "unlimited" only advanced screenings of new films, that generally have an exclusive message from the director + hot new trailers + free food (occasionally!)

And finally if your an Orange (EE) customer then you can get two tickets free on Weds!!

If your interested then use this code


And you will need to sign up via their website
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