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the ability to perform well on tv is actually a fair point. i make a lot of my judgements on politicians based on how they perform in debate on "question time" for example. those opinions are formed purely on their ability though and not on their looks in any way.
Maybe you don't judge them on their looks, but a lot of people do is my point.

Regardless of his politics, Kinnock was actually a far better orator and debater than any of the party leaders today, who all seem to have come off the same bland production line.

two words, susan boyle. now i am not suggesting she is uneasy on the eye, but she is the complete opposite to katherine image wise and she is also a crossover singer.
There's always the exception that proves the rule as they say. Is Boyle still popular though? She doesn't seem to be getting as much coverage as Jenkins recently. Most of the interest in Jenkins seems to be because of her looks rather than her voice, which is how she differs from Boyle or Adele. I maintain that without the looks I don't think Jenkins would be very famous and get much coverage. She doesn't really stand out too much as a singer IMHO.
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