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I mean the self posing pictures she posts on twitter, her being a Judge on britains next top model, what does she know about being a model. Her on X factor Australia, really going back to a simon cowell show?. It just seems like she'll do anything to stay in the public and media eye.

She seems to demean kris, first in a interview saying basically he's around as a father, like trying to say hes not really hands on but Im pretty sure he's the one looking after him while she's swanning around the world, she doesn't really same much good things about him as a father, and she's constantly bigging up her family in looking after Ethan, as if he doesn't have the fathers side of the family looking after him. One of latest comments is she happy he has her eyes. She seems to keep making sly dogs at the father of her son. As far I know he isn't attention seeking in the media and saying bad things about her.
She never left Australia's Got Talent until she had to because it moved newtworks. So she's not going back to anything.
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