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so you can understand why i found your comment shallow then?
Not really, as you appeared to be accusing ME of being shallow, when I was merely commenting on the shallowness that has become part of modern politics. I never said it was right, I merely questioned when we last had a bald prime minister, which I think I'm right in saying was in the 1950s (so basically I'm onto something in thinking that the TV era has had something to do with it).

well that is actually two exceptions to the rule in your own opinion. two exceptions that have proved far more successful than katherine also. so based on that, surely it would have been possible for her to have found fame on her singing alone?
I'm not a big fan of Adele or Boyle. However, I think they are more successful for their voices than their looks. I have to grant them that. I think the opposite is true of Jenkins.
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