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Not really, as you appeared to be accusing ME of being shallow, when I was merely commenting on the shallowness that has become part of modern politics. I never said it was right, I merely questioned when we last had a bald prime minister, which I think I'm right in saying was in the 1950s (so basically I'm onto something in thinking that the TV era has had something to do with it)
no, i wrote your opinion was shallow and i also thought the question was too. you explained you didn't agree with the opinion personally, but i assume from this post that you still firmly believe his baldness did go against him. we will have to agree to disagree then, because while i agree, the way politicians carry themselves on tv is crucial. in all honesty, i would hope that politicians aren't elected even partly on their looks.

I'm not a big fan of Adele or Boyle. However, I think they are more successful for their voices than their looks. I have to grant them that. I think the opposite is true of Jenkins.
again, we will have to agree to disagree. many people think that of katherine, evidently so by the many comments on the thread alone. out of the three singers, i would actually only suggest adele is the one who is truly musically gifted. however, you did ask if i seriously believed she could have been a famous without her looks and i honestly think she could have. in a world where people are famous without having any noticeable talent, its not really beyond that realms of possibility and i also give you an example of a singer from the same genre that did so without a similar image.
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