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Just out of curiosity I looked at the road she lives in (you can see the street sign in one of the pics and it's an area of North London I know) on Google Earth and looked for her house. It's very distinctive with the red brick Victorian steps, and wow!'s huge! No idea how they afford to live there, as she seems to be doing not very much and his adventures in the US seem to be going nowhere.
Lovely building but I think it's been converted into flats.

Still, Flat 1, which is one of her 'company' adresses, last sold for 1.2m in 2006.

Mmm, not much free info on line but, from what there is, it looks like they are both inactive. Maybe they exist for tax reasons? It seems the world and his wife in showbiz ( and other walks of life ) have 'production' companies these days but very few produce anything.
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