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I never understood how Jade became so rich and famous, but she was just very lucky and it was all just lucky timing as at that time BB was huge and she was everywhere..acting all coy and sweet on the Graham Norton show putting on her ditzy stupid girl act, yet underneath she was an aggressive insecure lunatic.

Wasn't there stories of her biting some girls ear when she was in school? can you imagine what she was like in school and this was before all the anti-bullying stuff that most schools have now. I would say she was a right little scally on the scale of the gangs of today, she was well hard she was god love any girls that were pretty or anyone who was weak and a bit nerdy when she was a teen.

She was racist/acted in a racist manner to Shilpa and she did bully Shilpa, she tore into her one night over an Oxo cube, standing at the door with steam literally coming off her like a bull she got so angry! and drove her to tears another night for nothing, the girl was sick in the head the way she had to pick on the weaker people, or the people she felt threatened by.
Her lovely Mother has so much to answer for in all of that too and how she had 'brought' Jade up.
When Jade and her massive ego went into CBB and half the HMs didn't know who she was it really got to her

I remember her sitting with all the UK celebs like Danielle and Cleo at her feet (they were all terrified of her but they hid it) while she told them her book/perfume outsold all the other celebs and she had more magazine covers then Posh Spice..she really let the fame go to her head so the press was very happy to bring her right back down to earth with the Shilpa scandal.
She was a comically dumb blonde that was introduced as a feckless fool for the crowd to laugh at but then some people actually started identifying with her, supporting her and then liking her. It's the same deal as the TOWIE lot. People see idiots in public making shed loads of money and think that is a role model despite the things they might say and do to make that money. The price of privacy and decency is now negotiable with red top rags as long as you are willing to dish some dirt and toss some shade on others. They went "ooh, you don't have to work hard and you can be a bigot and racist yet still end up loaded, I'll have some of that." Next thing she's the nation's sweetheart and being talked about in reverent tones despite basically being a tactless, stupid racist raised in a barely civilised home environment.
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