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"Peter Andre wants to move back to Australia when his children are old enough not to depend on him for everything"

Oh pleasssssssse if a contract dropped through your door tomorrow and you had to move anywhere in the world you would be gone, without the kids, as fast as CP could pack your bags, just like you were prepared to do when you claimed you had a Bollywood contract didnt think about the kids then did you, right after the split, when they needed you most just another desperate headline, and another cheap dig
Just when you thought the twonk couldn't be any more delusional.
However old they are, his kids will ALWAYS depend on him to some extent.
But EVERYTHING? I always assumed he had joint custody with their mother - doesn't she contribute anything towards feeding/clothing/housing and caring for them or is this yet another tawdry attempt to dig at her whilst portraying himself as the saintly single Dad?
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