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I feel more sorry for kids these days who have to get a degree and end up 30k on debt just to get a role you used to walk into straight from school in my day.
Why should anyone feel sorry for them? It isn't after all real debt as repayment is future income linked. You only repay in years where income exceeds a certain level and the amount repaid increases the more you earn but its always at a level where there is no reason that it should cause hardship to pay it.

If you benefit financially from the subsidised higher education then what exactly is wrong with paying a very small amount of that back. Its not as if we are in the US where the students are expected to pay the fees in advance meaning that unless they get a scholarship or are able to get the money (most likely from parents) they have to rack up real debts that will follow them around for life .

And most people going to uni in the UK won't ever get close to paying it all off before it reaches the point where the balance is written off
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