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Di60 I think what gets to people is the fact she is always posing..she doesn't seem to know when to just switch it off ..... but I think that's a problem she has because of the perfect brand she has established and just now n again I'd like her to "dress down" a bit ...
A full face of slap isn't an issue for me.. Her skin isn't great so maybe she is covering that .. I'm the total oposite to her ..I like to dress casual unless im attending something.. Everyone is different
So agree with this. How nice it would be to see her dressed in a relaxed (doesn't have to be scruffy) way, with a genuine happy smile on her face. I think teetering about in sky scraper heels and circulation cutting jeans to have a family day out is anything but stylish. I like VB though and am always quite interested in seeing her family pictures as her two younger sons are the same age as mine and I find it fascinating to compare.
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