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I'm a woman and I have had relationships with both genders, so I really don't mind. Won't make a difference to my life at all! It's just the few posters who try to claim that someone is gay for a "fact", when they have no way of knowing. That bothers me. People trying to define other people's sexuality is just wrong.

The guys who claim that someone who talks about women a lot= compensating and is gay, someone who never talks about women= clearly gay, single= gay, in a relationship or married= bearding. That is ridiculous, wishful thinking logic Most men who are married to women are straight, so the use the "yeah but Elton John was married" is bizarre. That doesn't mean we can doubt anyone's marriage, chances are it's genuine.

But it can work both ways. Obviously the vast majoirty of people are heterosexual, that's just life. But the straight people who seem to think NO ONE famous could ever be gay are weird.

It's especially funny if you go on Luke Evan's IMDB page. Now, I have been a fan of Luke for a long time, seen him on stage a few times and think he's a great actor. But the guy came out as gay. He said it himself in a few interviews, now has gone back on his word. But women on his IMDB page are claiming we don't know for sure he is gay and that maybe he is bisexual or even straight
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