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I am utterly baffled by celebs adherence to the CoS (I assume we have to be diplomatic here). I'm not exaggerating. In my view (he said diplomatically) a good case can be made out that they the organisation is simply crooked and designed to con vulnerable folk out of their money. (I once wanted to see how they operated and went into a branch in Tottenham Court Rd many years ago pretending I wanted a solution to my problems. The first thing I had to do was to fill in a questionnaire, all of which were horribly loaded: 'How long have you been unhappy', 'why do you think you are isolated' etc - nowhere was there the ability to answer, for example, 'I'm not unhappy', 'I don't feel isolated'. But I filled it in giving the answers they wanted, and then came the big sell: buy this book, buy this course etc. They are criminal scum (in my view - see above re Foreign and Commonwealth Office). Just google CoS 'teachings' to establish for yourselves what a bunch of nine bob notes this crowd are.
Apropos of nothing, I recall that the day after the 7/7 London bombings Cos 'recruiters' were out and about in the City of London near to Aldgate tube station which had been cordoned off because of the blast there.

Obviously aiming to capitalise on the unease felt by the public in the immediate aftermath, their orange-jacketed presence on the diversionary route home for commuters displaced from the bombed station was, frankly, nauseating.
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