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I like this music video better than Happens in the Dark - for some reason I enjoyed the behind the scenes one of that more. Not sure why but it's properly something similar in that it appeared to have no story.

Still for a couple of lads working and filming on their own they do pretty darn well. It will be interesting to see how - and if - they can develop their video making skills. They're limited by budget, not having access to special effects and just being the two of thempresumably, but other than that their imagination can do wonders.
I agree with the last part, I can only imagine how much imagination and work it takes to make a video.
I liked HITD better than this one. Can't really explain why, it's not that I liked that song better so I enjoyed it more cause of it, something is just missing for me in the WYN video, and I can't put my finger on it.
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