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I agree, after seeing the video I feel less angry about the interview, the twins seemed relaxed and having fun, and the hosts said goodbye to them, but they were cut on air.

Seems the twins have been partying with Ronan Keating and Red Foo tonight I can't understand how they can live with so little sleep.

I think What's your number? is a bit more simple than the previous videos. I enjoyed it, but it's not my fave. They edited this one quite quickly too, but after seeing what they did with Young Love video, I'm not surprised anymore
Watching the Kyle - Jackie interview, I thought they were fine.....they were laughing throughout and seemed to be really enjoying themselves.

The only criticism I'd make of the What's Your Number video is that it gets a bit repetitive and static for the last two minutes (the opening minute in front of the fairground is great).
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