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Helen Flanagan is a beautiful girl, but when I see the stories about her lately, all I think is 'who is advising this girl'. She was on the top tv show in the UK, where she was never going to be a great actress but had a secure job because of the family she was part of. She left Corrie to move with her boyfriend's footballing commitments and things went quiet about her. Then he came back to Manchester and Helen went on IACGMOOH and into lads mags.
She isn't linked with drugs, boozing or sleeping around, but most press around her is quite negative, she seems to be making her living now just on the verge of getting her boobs out completely, and Celeb Juice last week had her in a box, in the dark and she had to guess what was being poked through holes in the side by touch, and yes, one was a large rubber penis.
I mean, really? Plenty of pretty girls go on that show, Michelle Keegan, for example and she just gets leary comments. So Helen must have agreed to all that.
I have a 23 yr old daughter, and in similar circumstances, would be saying to her, think of your long term career, you are being made a laughing stock of, Corrie wont have you back if things go too far, etc
Or is just me?
Agree.....she definitely needs a new decent professional manager. Who is her advisor? Did someone say her mother
I am sorry if her and Scott have split. I think she is a nice person albeit naiive. They should have stayed in Swansea. At least he would have played football on a weekly basis, but I guess it didn't fit into the Cheshire set
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