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Sorry I meant sectioned mental illness because people are asking why nothing has been done.

I didn't know she was still on the pot but I follow her on twitter and she will answer fans worry about her. If she is on drugs then this could be a factor for her eratic behaviour.

I really don't want to label her cos I don't know what's going on in her life, plus I'm a fan I really don't want to imagine that she could be seriously ill - she's nothing like the other off the rail stars.
I think it's dangerous to dismiss her behaviour as being drug related. Plenty of people smoke pot without talking to inanimate objects and behaving the same way she is. Of course she's abusing drugs, but I think people need to look at the mental health issues rather than just saying ''Oh, she's on drugs, that's why she's acting like that.''

Her family have been quoted as saying they can't legally do anything, but with all the paparazzi following Amanda around, surely if her parents had tried to visit her they'd have caught them on camera and it would have been reported like every other aspect of her life seems to be. They might not legally be able to do anything, but surely they should be making more of an effort to visit her/talk to her etc. Where the hell are they? They seem to have just abandoned her and left her to destroy herself

In terms of her not being the same as other off the rail stars, I actually think she's worse. Lohan may have behaved erratically/broken the law etc, but she always seemed to have a grasp of reality. I don't think Amanda does at this point, which is utterly tragic. Someone should have stepped in long before now to help her
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