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From CDAN:

A role, but not really a role. The B- list mostly movie actor knows he is not that great of an actor. He wants the role, So even though it is not the role, he was willing to f**k for the chance and he did. He still is. He is not letting that guy out of his sight.

From Blind Gossip:

You know how celebrities "accidentally" post things on Twitter or Instagram or Facebook, and then pretend they are really embarrassed by it? And you know celebrities are always claiming they got "hacked" when a racy pic gets released? Well here are two celebs that we know are liars:

The first one "accidentally" posted something online and then immediately deleted it, But not before everyone saw it. That was intentional, people! it always creates more of a buzz to let fans speculate about things than to just state it outright. Clever boy! Guess the booze and the drugs haven't completely destroyed his brain cells. Yet.

And tomorrow you'll be talking about a second celebrity who will claim they were "hacked". This one will be more interesting, though, because the participant isn't wearing any clothes. But, again, it's all a publicity stunt set up by the celebrity themselves. Of course, they will claim innocence and outrage. They always do.

#1: I Am Number Four on the casting couch.

#2: The 1st one is Anne Frank's greatest fan the 2nd i guess we will have to wait and see.
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