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It really bugs me when people say others only suggest a celebrity is gay because they are 'good looking' first of all, just because you think they are good looking doesn't mean they do, second looks have got nothing to do with being gay or straight. Yes, most people are straight(which I have been reminded of ad nauseum) but there are still millions of gay people out there who shouldn't be treated as inferior. Also, there are fans who refuse to believe someone could be gay because they fancy them, it works both ways. Of course there are lots of people in the industry who hide their sexuality. That's nothing new and people in the industry talk about it as a problem. You really think there is no gay premiership footballers, no gay leading men/ women etc. of course there will be areas with more gay men/ women but all of these industries are going to have gay people. And bisexual of course. I hate it when people say they are open minded then get angry when you suggest someone could be gay like it is an insult. Or accept lesbian but not gay men or vice versa. Or pretend gay people are some sort of rare species. People shouldn't have to be in the closet/have fake boyfriends/girlfriends(even get married) for fear of their career/because they have been pressured into it/fear of what people will say etc, yet they are and I don't see it going away anytime soon. That is what should anger people.
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