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"And now we've seen that in tomorrow's episode of My Life, Peter Andre is forced to discuss his ex wife's pregnancy with Junior.

During an awkward exchange,Junior says to Peter: "I thought you were having a baby?"

PA is forced to discuss a very private matter with his young son in front of a camera crew .....really
Eight year old junior thought his dad was having a baby ...really
I wondered how old jnr is now after reading that imo hes old enough to know that only women have babies, but still young enough not to realise when hes being tutored into using his mum to keep his dads crummy show going !!!
And just one knock on effect of exposing innocent kids in this way on a so called reality show comes in the form of vile twitter accounts set up in jnrs name, seriously worrying
Forced? Dear oh dear, poor old Pete, who knew he had no control over anything? He's such a stoic, isn't he, enduring all that pain and suffering and never a complaint out of him. A lesson to us all.
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