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There are loads of old Hollywood stars who were seen as straight when they were alive but since they have died or their career died down they are seen to actually be gay or bi. Rock Hudson, Cary Grant( his daughter says he was straight but Betty White actually said something about the studios organising beards for him), montgomery Clift, James dean, marlon Brando, Farley granger, Katherine Hepburn, greta garbo, barbara stanwyck, Marilyn Monroe, Joan Crawford, Vivien Leigh and many more. People insisted they we're straight and people insist stars today are straight when some of them obviously aren't. Times have not moved on it that way. If Tom cruise is gay do you think he would get the roles he has if he was open about it? There is a reason people stay closeted. Even though much of the public wouldn't care studios want the biggest audience possible.
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