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9 times out of 10 its the person themselves off the record, or the manager or best mate. These people are walking circuses, you dont need to make it up.
That scene in the last episode where the journo calls him up to get news for his own column was quite interesting.
Worth a watch then? Might watch it on catch-up.

"And now we've seen that in tomorrow's episode of My Life, Peter Andre is forced to discuss his ex wife's pregnancy with Junior.
During an awkward exchange,Junior says to Peter: "I thought you were having a baby?"
PA is forced to discuss a very private matter with his young son in front of a camera crew .....really
Eight year old junior thought his dad was having a baby ...really
I wondered how old jnr is now after reading that imo hes old enough to know that only women have babies, but still young enough not to realise when hes being tutored into using his mum to keep his dads crummy show going !!!
And just one knock on effect of exposing innocent kids in this way on a so called reality show comes in the form of vile twitter accounts set up in jnrs name, seriously worrying
I think it needs to be seen in context. I think PA handled it really well & barely said anything, he certainly said nothing judgemental. I don't think people on here are grasping the whole 'reality show' premise.

surely the cameras are not there 24/7?? PA could have some private time with junior without them around, but of course this wont give him a headline and no doubt much needed publicity for his show.

I would have given him credit if he had not spoke about it but it seems he just cant leave things alone. If he didn't want it shown on camera he couldn't use the excuse that he was filming and the editors kept it in, he could have said to junior, we will discuss this later (and behind closed doors) it seems doors are never closed in his house!

Disclaimer, I know his ex wife says things etc but two wrongs done make a right.
Do people seriously think this is the only & main conversation he has had with his kids about this impending baby?
I don't see why he shouldn't mention it. It's there. It's real life. Why should he hide it? 'My mum's having a baby, I want it to be a boy" "Oh good".
Big deal. He could have really used this to get at KP, but he hasn't.
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