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Betty Britain
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Worth a watch then? Might watch it on catch-up.

I think it needs to be seen in context. I think PA handled it really well & barely said anything, he certainly said nothing judgemental. I don't think people on here are grasping the whole 'reality show' premise.

Do people seriously think this is the only & main conversation he has had with his kids about this impending baby?
I don't see why he shouldn't mention it. It's there. It's real life. Why should he hide it? 'My mum's having a baby, I want it to be a boy" "Oh good".
Big deal. He could have really used this to get at KP, but he hasn't.
Fizgig I don t have an issue with him discussing any topic with his son..what I don't like is this garbage about being "forced" to discuss it and on camera..
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