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I agree about the term she used being wrong .. Goes back to our very heated discussion about "dribblers" it's not a term I've heard before and when it was explained what it means I did say she was out of order saying it... Doesn't give others the right to abuse her son though does it
OT ...To ensure I have the term "mollie " correct could someone PM it's meaning to me

What is a molly?

"Molly has many meanings in the UK. In the north-east it is used to insult those who were once called "square". In south London I have heard it join a litany of other words used to abuse and intimidate gay men."

"However, Jordan was right when she claimed that her use of the word was specific to Brighton"

"The girls who called other girls mollies were the cool kids. The mollies always wore tweedy old knickers and your great-granny's stuff." The root of the word is, apparently, "mollycoddled".

But, my favourite quote I think is:-

" We should be thankful to Jordan (who I have interviewed twice) for keeping ancient east Sussex dialect alive. Her other favourite word is "doughnut", which, in the context she uses it, refers to anyone more stupid than her. Thus, when she is not accompanied by Peter Andre, it is almost never employed."
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