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She worked for Gold and Sullivan before they gave her the managers job and one of these two was an associate of her father.

I agree that working in a male environment is hard, I did it and it is not easy but she was the boss and they had to do as she said, that makes it a lot easier.

I always was disappointed that women who make it to the top have to act like men to get their and have "balls" or agressive tendencies to achieve it. Then to brag about it like her is not a nice side to her, I wish one day that a woman boss shows some class rather than Karen Bradys type of female boss who "kicks ass" and is proud of it.

You're probably referring to the time a player shouted 'get your tits out' to KB on the players coach. She had every right to react like she did - it was a total lack of respect.

Believe me, you have to have 'balls' when it comes to working in the football world. In the past, I've worked in the admin section for a non-league club, you wouldn't believe the comments and behaviour I had to put up with.
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