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What's the problem then?

The fact she told a fib, which didn't affect anyone else, and to get so aeriated about it is ridiculous. And yes, you did say this

Note: 'like/d' - past tense.
No problem. I thought this was a discussion!

It could well have affected the other people who applied for the job and didn't get it and the credibility of S&S. I'm simply expressing my opinion and honestly am not in the least 'aeriated' about it! It's quite simply an interesting discussion point!

Yes, I said like/d. I'm probably somewhere in the middle but I can't honestly say I really dislike KB at all. IMHO KB gets too much of a hard time on The Apprentice forum far more than Margaret ever did. I was pleased when the team led by Karren beat Alastair Campbell's team on the Comic Relief edition of The Apprentice. It was most enjoyable to see Campbell and Piers Morgan squirming in the boardroom!

Gilliedew makes an interesting point about different CVs for different jobs. Of course people are going to highlight their experience/education where it fits with a particular job.

Also having read Blondie X's comments about this being more common in the past might well be true. These days employers have to be very careful about who they employ in certain roles. My experience has been to take important certificates for an employer to photocopy and keep on file.
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