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Aw for God's sake! And you people go on about taking things to extremes on the PA thread!

In this instance, and imo any other instance when some pondlife moron makes a derogatory remark about a person with a disability, then they deserve to be publicly and thoroughly blasted. As Azura's Star said, KP in this instance is more than entitled to her rage and hurt on Harvey's behalf.

A little objectivity always helps. Not everything is KP cashing in. She does plenty of that and can be roundly criticised for it, but not something like this. Her child, her right to stand up for him and rant against direct attacks made at his expense.
Excuse but who are "you people"?

On the Pa thread it is very simple, there is stuff but said on there as gospel that has never left PAs lips. Here we know KP made the mollie comment and have evidence. Quite a difference. This isn't about extreme, this is about KP taking a horrible comment and seeing the opportunity in publicity.

Edit to add: yes as his mother she will want to defend him but this is why I think Harvey should be kept out the media- he's fair game to eejits like this Mps son. And Harvey should never be fair game. He's not asking to be in the public eye and correct me if I'm wrong he's not in a position to defend himself or say he wishes for privacy. But Harvey has always been his mothers meal ticket. And before anyone calls me and says that's nasty- what does it say about the boys own mother when she sells every aspect of his condition and personal life to the highest bidder? To me you reap what you sow. Harvey does not deserve this horrible criticism. He is a young boy but he should never be paraded like a animal at the cirus. He should have been protected from the word go.
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