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Can I just say that at all the job interviews I have had, no one asked to see my certificates of qualifications, therefore making it easy for those who lie about theirs to get away with it.

The rub comes when there just might be one interviewer who does

Why I had a two CVs was because when I went for a Catering job, they thought my qualifications were more on the Admin side and I didnt get it. So it seemed right to tailor it to the job interview type I applied for. I didnt lie or stretch the truth but hi-lighted the relevant experience which applied to the job criteria

I remember being very miffed that that bloke on the Apprentice who didnt finish his course and lied because it was the very same course which I had worked so hard to complete.
BIB I felt the same and Sugar gave him the job! It made a nonsense of the interviews on The Apprentice.

Just to add, for anyone who thinks KB would have gone to jail if S&S had found out about her lie on the CV; as long as she hadn't commited a criminal offence she wouldn't! The only action S&S could take was a civil action if they could find good reason.
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