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BBB, The Media Show, should people arrested be named.

Trevor Kavanagh Associate Editor of The Sun explained why the paper did not originally name Rolf Harris.

"The reason we did not publish his name when it became widely known is because we did not have enough evidence. We weren't sure until the last moment when we finally decided to go ahead with the publication, that was the reason we did not publish. Once we did know we did not see why this should not be in the public domain."
So was former Surrey police officer Mark William Thomas shooting from the hip last November?

Bearing in mind numerous colleagues of Kavanagh have recently been arrested, some of whom have been charged, he asked why do the police always have to arrest, rather than calling people in to help them with their enquiries. In that case he said there would be no reason to name a person.

He's arguement about a secret police state falls flat on its face, as there's nothing to stop an arrested person themselves informing the media.

To dismiss the idea newspapers imply there's no smoke without fire when someone is arrested. Kavanagh said police do not arrest smoke. He seems to have forgotten his own papers treatment of Christopher Jefferies.
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