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Director of Sports Newspapers
Managing Director of Birmingham City Football Club
Chairman of Kerrang!
Seat on the board of Sport England
Non-Executive Director of Channel 4
Seat on the board of Arcadia Group
Non-Executive Director of Mothercare
Chairman of the 2018 England World Cup Bid Advisory Board
Vice Chairman of West Ham United Football Club

Now just a few of her business achievements are listed above, does it REALLY matter that she she said she had a degree when she didn't? I read a lot of CV's and I bet there is at least one lie/exhaggeration in all of them.. She is a very good businesswoman and a great advert for what women can achieve in business, regardless of what she put on her CV
Quite honestly, how does she do all these jobs. It is obvious that they are only a few hours at a time, she couldnt possibly do more than turn up and let her name be used at the most.

I think this shows that she uses her name rather than doing a full days work at these positions. It is all about attending meetings and voting for other people efforts who have done all the leg work.

Still nice "work" if you can swing it.
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