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Quite honestly, how does she do all these jobs. It is obvious that they are only a few hours at a time, she couldnt possibly do more than turn up and let her name be used at the most.

I think this shows that she uses her name rather than doing a full days work at these positions. It is all about attending meetings and voting for other people efforts who have done all the leg work.

Still nice "work" if you can swing it.
These aren't all current jobs, they are jobs she has had since joining S&S, obviously her main line of work is the football clubs and as I said she speaks volumes for women in business and football.. I cant imagine 20 or 30 years ago a woman being appointed as the Chairman of the bid to host the Football World Cup

Saying you had a degree when you had not is a blatant lie.

Yes she has done well but can you inmagine if a surgeon or a nurse lied about a degree to get a job they would be out on their ar-e if found out.
As has been pointed out previously, as I'm sure your aware, there is a vast difference between saying you have a degree to get into an advertising agency and saying you have a degree to become a doctor or a nurse, somebody that lies on a CV in the medical profession should rightly be sacked because that puts peoples lives in dangers, she has done nothing of the sort, completely different situation
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