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I've read Julia Philips's book 'You'll Never Eat Lunch In This Town Again' and in this book, Julia gets a close encounter with Sophia Loren when both of them are at some showbiz shindig:

The scene: Julia and Steven Spielberg attend the Golden Globe awards to watch Jodie Foster win for Taxi Driver.

QUOTE: 'We sit with Marty (Scorsese) and Julia and Liza (Minnelli) and Jack Haley. Liza is wearing emerald earrings so replete with stones they are making her earlobes a new shape. She seems extremely depressed.

Marty is standing at the opposite side of the table with another bearded guy who is staring and staring at me. Do I know you?

Marty makes a big show of tittering behind the hand over his mouth. I lean over to Steven, who is staring at Sophia Loren, sitting at the next table.

When she entered, I thought: "She is the most beautiful woman on earth." But as she gets closer, I can see a line across her forehead where her wig is not set right.'

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